I offered Zeke/Landry for Barkley. He countered with Zeke/Keenan

Should I take it?

.5 ppr. Redraft.

Here is my roster

I wouldn’t do it. I think it’s enevitable that Manning gets benched. Barkely’s production is going to take a hit when that happens IMO. No way am I throwing in Keenan even if I prefer Barkley to Zeke.

It seems too much to me as well. If I had a better third receiver I think I may be okay with it but as is , it is a bit much. I like the idea of Kamara and Barkley but not at the loss of Allen and ObJ.

Oh. That roster isn’t entirely accurate.

I also traded Gronk for Cook but it has to be processed yet. But I don’t think that makes a difference on the trade. Right?

I’m not a fan of Cook for Gronk either, but no, that doesn’t affect how I’d view this trade you posted about

Dalvin, by the way. Not Jared.

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OK (I assumed Jared) : )

What if I countered with Allen/Zeke for Hilton/Barkley?

@falcones404 could I get your input?