I own both Kamara and Ingram...where should I go from here?

Long story short, I’m in a keeper league and have ended up with both Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram on my team, as well as Michael Thomas…so I’m overloaded with Saints. Not awful given their offense, but not an ideal situation either.
I’ve executed my plan for Ingram; hold until week 5 :white_check_mark: hope he has a good game before the Saints bye week :white_check_mark: now to trade him…

This is where I’m having trouble pulling the trigger…I am concerned that they each will cut into the other’s volume a bit, but which one should I shop? I think Kamara’s stock is still higher than Ingram’s despite week 5 low volume so I could try to flip Kamara for an elite RB or WR. Or I could see if I could do the same with Ingram coming off his higher week 5? Or do I just hold them both and see how it goes?

My roster is:
Matt Ryan


Smokes Brown




Full PPR league.

The CMC owner is hurting at RB and also has Diggs; I’m considering trying a package deal to him…maybe Ingram + Howard for CMC + Diggs. I know my end of that deal is much better and a tough sell given Howard’s recent performance, but I’d like to test how desperate he feels for RBs.

I’d appreciate your thoughts FootClan!

I think if you can make that trade happen then it is totally worth it! I personally don’t like having 2 RB’s from the same team even if it is a great pair. (too many eggs in the same basket) I think Kamara will bounce back and has a much higher floor than Ingram. On the other hand if you could swing Kamara for either a Gurley, Barkley, or Melvin I would probably shop around for that. I have the same worry about Ingram being back. I know the FFB suggest to buy Kamara and they don’t seem to be worried about it, but I can’t help but worry.

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As mentioned above, my first choice would be packaging one of them (preferably Ingram) with Howard for gurley, Gordon, or Barkley. Because it’s a keeper league those are the only players I’d take for a package with either of them right now

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You have the right idea except drop the diggs part. That’s a bit too greedy. To be honest, as someone who was very supportive of Howard, I am now legit worried and my pre-season opinion was wrong. He doesn’t seem to fit Nagy’s offense at all. If you can sell him at value to get a top 3 RB, you do it. Ingram + Howard alone for CMC would be a pretty huge win for you.

As to which to keep, I’m definitely keeping Kamara. Last week was an outlier imo. Ingram first game back with Kamara needing rest going into the buy, in a total blow out. The perfect storm for Kamara to rest. Even last year when both were healthy, it was Kamara that led in touches, snaps and red zone looks. And he is the undisputed receiving leader. You trade ingram cause he is at a high while kamara is at a low.

In order to diversify even more (if you would like to), you could do a WR swap with another team in your league. If you can do a 1 to 1 swap with the Nuk owner, that would be my first target. MT still has the highest perceived value in the league but I think Nuk might be better season long (just based on how reliant on passing the hou offense is) and gives your team the diversification you want.

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I’m an Ingram owner as well but I’d prefer to have Kamara. I personally think both of their floors are going to be about the same but Kamara definitely has a higher ceiling. I sold my stocks in Howard a couple weeks ago and I like the call to package him with Ingram. I agree with @MikeMeUpp you’re getting a bit greedy with Diggs. I’d settle for just CMC or ask him to throw in a servicable WR2/3, I’m thinking like a Tyler Boyd type.

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Yeah I would do that that Ingram and Howard for CMC if you can get it done. If they you want to upgrade John Brown to someone slightly more consistent, you could swap WR as well.

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I’m having this same dilemma in my league (I have Kamara and Ingram) and I think a trade of Howard and Ingram for CMC sounds beautiful! I think that could help the CMC owner alot! It’s not like Ingram will be bad, he just won’t be as good as Kamara. And Kamara and CMC together is a very high floor for you

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Out of curiosity to all here, especially since you have Hunt as well, would you consider a similar package of Ingram + in order to get Hunt? He seems to finally be in the passing game.

Best of luck with your trade!

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Yeah I’ll take Hunt over Ingram. I’ve been a hunt truther for a while now. The hate for him just made no sense. Seeing him more involved in the passing game definitely helps. Seems like Hunt is definitely kryptonite to Pats though so he always has his best games there but he also dominated DEN. I think people were scared that Hunt didn’t have the same ceiling as he would last year with Mahomes here. Hunt has proven those theories to be false. Seeing this type of ceiling is encouraging to me.

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Ingram plus a secondary piece for Hunt would be a good move I think. Hunt is getting such a nice percentage of the backfield touches that his floor is nice and high especially with the passing work. I was a bit nervous for Hunt at the beginning of the season, but he always passes the eye test so I figured it was only a matter of time.

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I agree that last week was an outlier for Kamara so I’m not too worried.
I am a bit attached to MT (mostly because I drafted him as a rookie and have held on to see him emerge as a true WR1 in the league), but diversity on my roster would be nice…I may consider seeing if I can flip him one for one with Nuk, Theilen, AB, maybe a nice RB1/WR1 combo for him…haven’t really considered it much yet…

Update…CMC owner says he will think about the offer and get back to me…good sign. If he declines…I can still counter with a draft pick upgrade to see if he’ll bite.

Thanks all for your input.

I feel you. Nothing more satisfying in fantasy then to pick out guys from college you love and believe to see them translate in the NFL. I was pretty big on MT as well coming out of OSU so had him on a lot of my teams. And now have him on my dynasty teams as well which is awesome. Last year that was Hunt and Davis for me. Obviously one worked out and the other hasn’t yet. This year, it’s Michel and Sutton (more relevant for dynasty). I wouldn’t fight you if you wanted to keep them both cause the saints O is good enough to make it worth while. But I think Nuk is flying a bit under the radar.

And no doubt to MT’s talent, but he is 1 of many weapons on that offense whereas I think Nuk is literally the only weapon on his team so I just think he’ll get more volume by years end. Especially with the Saints D looking a lot more like what we expected them to look like coming into the year, the passing volume may not be as high going forward.

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