I picked from #12 AGAIN tonight. Rate My Team please

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Looks pretty good, but why do you need a backup QB and 3 tight ends???

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Agreed with @richmonDOC , no need for a second QB and 3 TE’s is just way too many, you snagged Andrews so you should set him and forget him for the year and stream on his bye week. I’d try and trade Fant to someone who could use a TE, otherwise he shares the same Bye as Andrews so he’s the prime drop candidate. You could take some waiver sleepers in replacement of Burrows and a TE or 2


Exactly. Trade bait for the future. Link Fant and Breida together for a better RB2 or WR2. This draft was 17 rds. I picked Howard in 17 because Gronk is a glass house and if he goes down Brady loves his TE. Remember the last time Brady had two quality TE’s they both got major volume. Could be the same this year.

True but if the last time you are referring to Brady having 2 “quality” TE’s was Gronk and Hernandez, that was quite literally just shy of a decade ago. Brady’s 43, and Gronk is in his 30’s not having played the past 2 years. Brady will be good, the Bucs will be good, but it’s highly unlikely to think that he can feed Evans, Godwin, Whoever there WR3 is, Gronk, Howard, AND Ronald Jones and have them all produce high numbers

Too many variables this year man. Two QB’s is the way to go that way you don’t have to start Drew Lock on your QB1’s bye week and you don’t have to drop a positional player you obviously like because by the time it’s your QB1’s bye week you’re 6-13 weeks into the season and you pretty much like who you have on your bench.

Burrow had too much upside at the price
I got him for as well. Dude is a gunslinger and has some wheels. Could be a sneaky top 10 QB this year. Once again could be a trade piece of the price is right

Could be a regression year for Evans or even both WR’s. You never know. Brady spreads the ball around man. Normally 5-6 people catch passes from him a game if not more.

Sure Burrow’s has upside but you already have a top 5-7 guy in Dak, your just wasting a bench slot holding a second QB that will almost never play over him that could be used to take a flier on a league winning waiver wire guy. Only way he’d be trade bait is if someone loses a top 10 QB to injury and even then the price isn’t going to be too high for a QB

Edit*: I can see the argument for 2 QB’s this year solely because of Covid, but you’ll never convince me that holding 3 TE’s when usually even having more than 1 is not a good idea lol

yea team sounds pretty good indeed, kinda agree of the multitude of TE’s but i understand why with trade bait.

help with mine plz

I do not dislike it, but I do see what the other voices here are saying. The COVID argument is pretty strong though. I’m seeing a need at WR as too many players are iffy. Even guys I like (and own) like Robinson / JuJu are not secure this year in my eyes. They should be fine, but I can also see it gong sideways fast.

I’d try to package Fant with perhaps a Gibson to land another WR to help secure that core. Otherwise it looks like a fine squad to my eyes.

I like that trade a lot actually. Works in your favor with making your Receiver core more reliable each week and more steady season long. Just try to snag another high ceiling rb on waivers after this.

Thank you for the feed back October. Yeah I’m hoping Slayton is a big weapon for the Giants this year hopes aren’t high

The league starts
QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Def, 1 PK. So Slayton is bye week guy I hope hits

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A lot the experts in high stakes leagues are taking 2TEs this year because of covid, despite advising everyone to only draft one. I personally like waiting on TE so I can draft 2 guys like Jonnu and Fant over guys like Darius Slayton (no offense). I did it last year with Andrews and Waller in every league and that turned out to be pretty decent. With you taking like a 4th or 5th round pick on Andrews, I probably wouldn’t have drafted Fant too… but I also wouldn’t drop him for what you’d get on waivers. OJ is an instant drop to me. I would never hold 3 TEs, let alone a guy like OJ. As for QB, with someone like Dak, there really is no need for Burrow… Now I’ve waited on QB and taken 2 guys like Burrow and Minshew, knowing full well that one of them will probably be a drop early on. But if I go in on a top 3-5 QB, I almost never take a 2nd one. You can make the argument because of Covid this year though.

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I’m in on Slayton as well (I have him in 3 spots) and I think his potential is there. At the price, he’s worth it.