I played Williams, Chargers fan, and they WON

So glad for the rivers touchdown at the end and Williams did great played both and very excited.

Plus the chargers won which I’m sooooooo happy about I ran around my living room on that last touchdown and the two point


Williams has huge potential if can continue getting the volume, and always has the TD upside…
I too played him in a couple leagues where I had OBJ and worried about him playing this week…

All around great win for the Chargers playing without Gordon and most of game without Keenan Allen.
So pumped!

Looks like with Keenan there’s gonna be plenty of opportunity there moving forward and Rivers clearly trusts him now. He definitely becomes the clear cut number 1 there for me if Allen misses time

Sucks Allen got hurt and couldn’t even run. He tried but Im sure no one saw him getting hurt that way