I really need an RB

Full PPR league:
I’m weak at RB with Swift/Kelley/Dobbins/CMC and want to trade one or two of my WRs for a decent RB.

RB heavy guy: Kamara, Jonathan Taylor, Carson, and David Montgomery
RB heavy guy’s brother: CEH, Ekeler, James Robinson, David Johnson, Devonta Freeman

My WRs: Evans, Juju, Allen Robinson, Metcalf, Gallup, Marvin Jones

Heavy guy 1 wants Juju for Montgomery but should I take the L? Do I really need another RB or do y’all have better trade offer suggestions?

Personally I would counter JuJu for Taylor or go after the brother and try to do JuJu for Robinson who is clearly going to be a big focus in both the run game and passing game.

Yes I would definitely unload a WR for a RB. Robinson and Gallup should have big weeks if you could wait until after this week to unload one