I really need insight

I really need a strong WR. This is the proposal

My: Kareem hunt, garcon, zach ertz

His: Leanard fournette, tyreke hill, evan ingram

I also have ajayi and mixon. My wr core is Alshon, garcon, john brown and pryor

Thank you!

Hill is not the receiver you want. Also you are giving up soooooo much, you would be losing so hard on this trade. Don’t even consider it.

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Giving up way to much with Hunt and Ertz

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Yea don’t do it I got lucky and dumbed hill off for dez. Hill has upside when he was the return man but after that hit I think he’s done with that duty so you’re pretty much getting a boom or bust wr and losing big

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You’re paying so much man, downgrading 2 positions to make your WR1 slightly better (super boom bust though). Try to find a better offer man, Maybe 2 WRs for 1? Find someone who believes in Pryor or Alshon maybe? Just definitely not that trade, Ertz should be an untradeable asset on your team

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