I received 3 huge trade offers for Fuller

AJ green for Fuller, Henry Hunter and Jordy Nelson


Michael Thomas for Fuller, Hunter Henry & Marcus Mariota


Mike Evans for Fuller & Jordy Nelson

What do you all think?

I’d keep Fuller. None of those trade offers will give you the production that Fuller is likely to give. AJ Green has a very inconsistent QB, J Nelson has no QB, Henry is a TE (buzzer), M Thomas is good but the Saints have not been putting up huge points. That Houston offense is really hot and it is to your benefit to keep a major piece of that offense. Someone would have to way overpay at this point to pry Fuller away from me.

As a Fuller owner, none of those deals interest me.

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AJ Green in a heartbeat…
Don’t be silly, you’re getting AJ Green!!!

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Psj - you read it wrong. I’m given up Jordy and Hunter along with Fuller

So I should definitely do AJ green?

What about Mike Evans?

OK - I would deal away Jordy and Hunter in order to get Fuller
I’d also swap in Mariota in order to get Fuller
I’m not that impressed with Evans this year - really thought Winston would light it up this year but he has disappointing games and for some reason their offense does not feed Evans the ball enough. For me, it’s about the QB’s - Fuller has the hottest QB in the league, they are scoring points in big numbers. When I compare that to the other WR’s like Evans and Thomas I lean to the Houston WR. AJ Green also has an unreliable QB but at least they target Green alot. Green is the one WR in this discussion that I may favor over Fuller

Keep him. You are giving up to much. Wait to see what Jordy does. He has had 2 weeks to get on the same page with Hundley.

Would you guys who own fuller be willing to take Dak in exchange for fuller?

Depends on your QB. I own Brady so I wouldn’t. Daks going to be money with Zeke gone

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