I should Take this Trade right?

I send: LeSean McCoy
I receive : Marshawn Lynch & Greg Olson

Then who do I drop? Ingram? meridth? murray?

Thanks for help. Team and league info below

10 team league
1/2 PPR
1QB 2RB,3WR,1Flex, 1TE

QB- Cam
RB- Melvin, Cook, kerryon, Penny, Murray, Mccoy, Ingram(suspended),
WR- Michael Thomas, M. Evans, Sammy Watkins, R. Anderson, C. meridth
TE- Burton

That’s one good trade. I would drop Meridth. Ingram will be back. His good. Keep him.

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Good trade for you, Lyynch should do well, perhaps as well as Shady. Getting an impact TE is bonus (though usually don’t roster two TEs and you have a good one already). But dropping Meredith is an easy decision.

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I like the trade. You have RB depth so there is absolutely no way I would drop Ingram, he’s worth sitting on. Meredith would be my drop too. After the trade I would then shop Olsen or Burton, I think Olsen because of the name value and I like burton’s hype this year.

You may could add some WR depth with the Olsen trade.

@SaltyGator he also has Kupp, agholor, cobb which he might give up would you swap olson out for any of those WR…?

He also has juju and landry but dont think he will give up them.

He has jimmy G so that is why I think he likes including Olson in the trade.

Just curious if you like any of those WR or if I should just shop olson to other teams?

My goal would be to get a WR2 but I think you’d really have to sell up Olsen unless someone in your league is a big Olsen fan. None of those excite me too much. I have Agholor myself too but I’d shoot higher before settling for those. Cobb is a no for me.

Ok yeah I get what your saying… Maybe going to try and work something out for Corey Davis from another owner who might want olson… Going to see what I can do to get a WR before I accept the trade

I’m passing on this trade. You have so much depth at RB already. And this Oakland defense is going to be straight trash. Game scripts will not benefit lynch at all especially given he doesn’t get the targets. McCoy probably isn’t going to be suspended. This stuff takes some time and your roster affords you the luxury of taking that risk given how stacked you are at RB. If McCoy works, you’re going to crush.

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I would drop Meridth but I would try and flip Trey boo boo… Keeping Olson for the double dip with Cam on Td’s will be a happy little bonus you shall enjoy good sir.

Meredith Goes!