I Sold Todd Gurley, Did I Make a Mistake?

Hey guys, I am feeling shitty after selling Gurley and I feel I made a terrible trade by selling Gurley too low. What do you guys think?

I Gave

  • Todd Gurley


  • OBJ
  • Ameer Abdullah

Can you guys give me any insight on this trade? If I want an RB back, who can OBJ potentially reach for?

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depends on the other RB’s on your roster. i 'll rather try to trady Abdullah and an other RB for a top-rb…
in my mind, you can get nearly everybody for OBJ

I sold Gurley before the week 4 games.

I gave: Todd Gurley

Receive: Hopkins, Fournette

Too late to regret our moves. All we can do is move forward as we watch the Gurley we drafted flourish in 2017.

That’s a great trade. I would do that all day. I mean the Hopkins/Fournette trade. As far as OBJ/Abdullah, I don’t think you got taken for a ride or anything. I do think you could have gotten a bit more for him though. But too late now, just move forward and don’t look back.