I think I am a cheater/colluder

Well, I just had a “glass break” moment when one of my fellow owners pointed out the ethical issue with one of my actions.

Our league has 10 teams. We are a rolling waiver priority league. Despite my protests, we have not switched to FAAB. I stream QB, TE, DST and K. As you can imagine, I am always last in the priorities.

I take fantasy football the most serious in the league. I am also kind of a stickler for the rules and not changing things mid-season (i.e. changing number of rounds during 12th round this year and changing to keeper half way through season). I consider myself an ethical person.

However, today I have made about 8 trade offers in this league. It is hard to get a trade through in this league. Anyhow, I contacted someone with waiver priority and said " I will give you Breida for K. Johnson." Johnson is on waivers right now.

This whole time I thought it was being strategic. Now I am horrified. All these guys are my friends and I didn’t realize this was cheating/unethical practice. Should I report myself to the commissioner?

To me, this is more risky than stinky. It is strategic in that you are basically trading for a waiver spot. It is risky in that your league mate could decide in picking up and keeping Kerryon for themself. Collusion? I think not.
But, this is only my opinion. Would be glad to hear other takes…

I’m confused about what you think is unethical here. You think you are pushing the waiver priority person to pick up Johnson so you can make this trade happen? I don’t think that is cheating. It’s not like that would be some sort of illegal action in real life with NFL teams. No idea how that would be considered cheating if that’s what you mean. Am I understanding correctly?

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Yes. I said to waiver priory #3 “Breida for Kerryon if you get him on waivers.” And he responded “that is straight up collusion.” I imagine that this was because he was not considering picking up Kerryon.

Not collusion as all. You just offered something valuable to someone else for something valuable to you. Collusion has to go against the competition and spirit of fantasy football.

Might as well offer the trade to the people with #1 and #2 waiver.

Yeah that’s not cheating or screwing anyone over or anything at all. You are simply taking publicly available information and using it strategically. Anyone else could do the same thing. This is ridiculous if you are being legitimately labeled as a cheater.

#1 and #2 are likely not putting in claims (not active owners, just set lineup on game day).

If there is a question about the ethics of this from one league mate, should I bring it to the commissioner? They vetoed during the draft when I tried to trade draft picks. (I was drafting #5 and #10 obviously wanted TE. I stream TE so I draft them last round before K/DST. We were going to flip so I could get the 2 turn around picks). Most of the league mates lost their shit when I tried to do this.

Trading draft picks isn’t the same.

Waiver priority is a valuable asset, a smart owner would know how to see advantage of that, he just doesn’t understand the strategic value of waiver priority.

I wouldn’t bother mentioning it to the commish, no one was cheating. I’d just put in your claim, wait to see who picks him up then offer it then.

I mean it just sounds like your league has some unwritten rule that nobody likes contact outside of an official offer within the confines of the system you’re using (i.e. asking abt a trade via messenger vs. proposing the trade officially). If that’s the case then just maybe don’t use that strategy anymore…

Other than that, this isn’t cheating, so I’m not sure what you have to report to the commissioner. I’ve also never been in a league where people are like THIS serious about things. Is it like a $10k buy-in or something???

Had this same situation in my league. We actually made a rule that this was specifically legal. I don’t see any issue here.

Lol nope only $60. I spent way too much time obsessing over it. My escapism from a very stressful profession.

I think people are more cognizant of things because we had someone (commish brother) drop all his players and try to set terrible lineup when he was eliminated from playoffs. We just want people to have fun and not feel cheated.

I’m the type of person who would be stuck at a red light for hours because I don’t want to “break the rules.” It sounds like you are do not think it is collusion. I will likely avoid this methodology in the future though. Maybe I need to rethink my waiver strategy overall.

To me you are making an offer for a trade. There is nothing wrong with that. But do you have the reputation in your league if this situation happened to other owners; you would say it is collusion?

leechang- no one has ever done it to my knowledge. I would be ok with it if others employed this strategy.

You’re all good bro. Nothing unethical here. Yeah, maybe just avoid doing it in the future for the sake of your own sanity.