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I think I drafted alright.. but what does the FC say?


I was thinking about dropping Fleener and Dalton and picking up some more upside guys. Guys like Golladay, Marlon Mack and DeAndre Washington are on waivers.

12 team, standard scoring (6pt TD)

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.


I would definitely drop Fleener for…anybody. Other than that you’re looking solid as long as Hyde and Robinson don’t bust.


I like the squad. Not a huge fan of ARob if Bortles is the QB, but Bryant could easily start for you. I wouldn’t drop Dalton. I think he can have a huge year. Fleener can go


This team really relys on Hyde, Anderson, or Williams to hit. Because you are solid everywhere else. I would 100% drop dalton and fleener for more depth elsewhere. Dalton will have a good year, but so will other qbs and you already have dak who has looked solid so far this year. Get you that depth, and get you those maybes that could hit.


Drafting a backup QB, and Especially a back up TE are wasted picks. I’d drop both to improve my RB and WE depth, which is very lacking. I think the starters look solid though.


Thanks guys… Yeah I was unfortunately was drunk at our live drive by the time I picked Fleener with my last pick :frowning: i will be dropping him for an upside WR now! Thanks again


Dump Fleener, pick up Golladay-he could end us WWR2 over Marvin Jones. Fwiw, I like having a QB on the bench as a backup and to play matchups and I don’t keep TE on bench.