I think I just received the most insulting trade offer I've ever gotten in all my years of fantasy football

My Damien Harris for his MATT BREIDA ROTF!

Dial up Internet offer from 2018? Horrible stuff that I hope isn’t an established league. Absolutely disrespectful.

I think it was probably a guy spamming hoping someone accidentally hit accept. Which I guess is valid strategy but still…

I can’t remember. I am in one casual league that I don’t know a lot of the players so it was probably in that one.

You’ll be scratching your head when Breida takes over the Buffalo backfield in a couple of weeks; not coincidentally the same week that Harris tears his ACL.

Yes because now you can predict ACL injuries. Breida had a chance week one when Moss was scratched and did nothing. SMH.

If breida ascends to number 1 back at all I’ll tip my hat to you. But if you’re accepting that offer right now I think you need to ask folks around you if you bumped your head