I think I’m going to be sick

With Cam on my bench! What is happening?!?

It just keeps getting worse

At least you’re not playing against Gurley. I still think Wilson will manage to get something done. I’ve got Wilson too, but fortunately the rest of my team showed up, especially Mark Ingram.

AAAAAAAHHHHHH. I just went to the store projected to win by 20 and got home and aam now projected to win by 2 and basically tied currently. She has Wilson, Cooks Bell and Walker playing and I have Dez and jared Cook coming up tonight. My other semi final team completely crapped their pants too… At kickoff this morning I thought I had 2 easy wins and now looks like 2 3rd place games

What’s your status going into Sunday night?

Need 6 points from cook and Dez. 1/2 ppr, but also 1/2 for first downs. That Jared cook PI on the TD hosed me.

Need like 2-3 catches in the second half and I should be good.

I sincerely hope you all recovered from this as well. Dilly Dilly!

Cmon Tampa send this to OT so Julio can score and win it…