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I think I need to re-evaluate my TE situation


With Jimmy Graham’s second miserable performance this week, i think its time for a change. In my PPR league I have Graham as my TE1 and Jason Witten as my TE2. Will things with Graham get better or should i look to the waivers and/or bench, while playing Witten as my numero uno?

A couple of TE’s on the waiver: Evan Engram, Jesse James, Zach Miller, Eric Ebron, Hunter Henry, and Jack Doyle


Seattle’s offense is off to a slow start but they always seem to crank things up as the season progresses so I would think holding Graham is a good idea. I think the same thing happened last year and I got Graham off of waivers right before he started to produce.

As for your list it’s a give and take of bad offenses and hoping for garbage time vs a better offense and steady production.

If you can add someone today I would pick up Engram or Ebron. Engram is supposed to be a great pass catching TE and hopefully OBJ’s presence adds to his production. Ebron was hurt most of preseason so he might have needed a warm up game.

For waivers Doyle has Cleveland next week so that doesn’t seem like a shootout but he does look like the QB’s favorite target. Miller is playing Pitt so there’s a high chance the Bears get smoked in the first half and he gets a lot of garbage time targets.

I got Gronk in all my leagues so I’ll be listening to podcasts to see if any analysts say anything about the players on your list since they’re also available in most of my leagues.


Hey @OldManErl if you’re really feeling frisky don’t forget about Austin Sefarian-jenkins is coming back from suspension but he’s on the Jets


I think I’m gonna head your advice and hold onto him for a couple more weeks before giving in, do you think any of the waivers are worth dropping Jason Witten for? He had two great games, think those performances will continue?

I was aiming for Sefarian-Jenkins late in my draft but someone had the same idea as me so I settled for Witten, curious as to see how ASJ performs.


Some analysts think this is Jason Wittens last great year especially in PPR so I would start him.

If you’re not sold on him I would try to include Witten in a trade (2 for 1) to upgrade another position and say that this is Wittens last good year but you’re banking on Graham. Then pick up and start Engram, Ebron, Doyle or Miller and start that guy till Jimmy’s not injured or starts producing.

I think Seattle’s offense has been historically slow to develop every year since Wilson’s been the starter. But when they find that magic they turn into a late season juggernaut.

I took some of my own advice and picked up Engram just in case Gronk’s out for a while and I shoulda started Engram instead of Odell!