I think I overpaid

I just traded D Cook and JuJu for Gronk, I really think I could got him for cheaper

You didn’t just over-pay that guy’s haul is insane. Sorry bud definitely lost that one


big loss for you. gronk is good, but u gave a 2 weekly starters for him, I wouldn’t have done that trade


Y’all think my roster will be ok

I feel like my roster is trash now after that trade

your team is stacked, it actually isn’t that bad of a trade since you still have depth

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Is this a keeper league? How did you get so many players drafted in first and second rounds?

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I got gronk in the 3rd round and flipped him for Hopkins and Johnson for Gronk and Lindsay, and just made trades after bad games that I knew this league overreacts with bad games

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oh one of those 4 man leagues huh? c’mon bro lol


You need to get better RBs your starters are trash!!!

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I say you ask the foot clan before accepting anymore trades my young padawan

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In all honesty is not that bad because it makes your TE solid and the rest of your team is already dope

I’m trying to flip Gordon and Evans for Zeke and Green

I’d pass on that trade. I would rather have Gordon/Evans especially since Green is a little banged up right now.

As far as the original trade, yeah you overpaid a bit there. But really you have a loaded roster I’m sure you’ll be fine. I’m guessing this is an 8-man league with a few keepers.

Certainly an overpay but not really to the detriment of your roster. I would have preferred trying to move DJ instead, but your roster is pretty darn nice. While I would not think the trade in a vacuum was a good one, looking at your roster you ought to be fine and you locked up your TE position.

u lost buddy lol I would try to do the same to someone else’s team after Gronk has a big game