I thought even the Raiders couldn't f**k this up...

… but it’s still the Raiders. It’s a few years ago, when they were the hottest shit in the NFL. What happened?

They’re up there with one of the worst ownership teams in all professional sports never mind NFL teams, and make bad decisions at every level. They’ve gone from possible contending team to total rebuild in two years and it’s not like they had a old roster at the time either. If they don’t nail the draft this year with three first rounders, avoid overpaying in free agency for average talent (Raider’s favourite past time) and fix at least the co-ordinators there because Gruden will get a lot of rope… This offseason could either be the turning point or they could be in multi decade long purgatory like the Browns

They have taken a huge gamble with the trades and hoping to get great rookies in the draft! Still can’t get over trading mack to pray you get a player as good as him in the draft? I think they will be a browns kind of franchise for the next 10 years under gruden