I thought I loved my team, and then Yahoo gave me a C rating

I picked from the 10 spot in a 12 team snake. What does the FootClan think about this roster?

PPR, 6pt TD

QB: Jared Goff
RB: Melvin Gordon
RB: Christian McCaffery
WR: Demaryius Thomas
WR: Allen Robinson
WR: Jarvis Landry
TE: David Njoku
FLEX: Sammy Watkins
TD: Carolina (streaming)
K: Josh Lambo

BN: Kerryon Johnson
BN: Duke Johnson
BN: Kelvin Benjamin
BN: DJ Moore
BN: Geronimo Allison
BN: Alex Smith

IR: Alshon Jeffery

Yahoo Rankings blow…

I’d say your starting lineup is solid. Love the Gordon/CMC combo, especially if full point PPR. Also, Demaryius & Landry have historically benefited from a full PPR league.

Feel great about your team and say goodbye to the Yahoo rankings.

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Got a D because I didnt take a Defense…

Same thing happened with me, really like my team but yahoo gave me a C! Feels bad man haha but who cares about yahoo.

Yeah I dont really care much about Yahoo’s projections, just curious to see what other peoples thoughts are. I was afraid that I might be falling victim to the “endowment effect”.

Yahoo had me dead last in the power rankings since I didnt draft a kicker. When waivers cleared, and I grabbed a kicker I was moved up to 6th in the power rankings.

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I think you are solid at RB. For a 12 team this is a good team. Your only weak position is TE. Njoku is boom or bust. Besides that, solid team.

you may want to look at more bench on the RB side. Smith (QB) could be dropped for anything worth it in the wire.

think you did a hell of a job. i would have made some different choices depending on who was available, but you got talent at every position, and brought in reliable WRs to fill those 4 spots since you went RB heavy to start. im a little scared of your RB depth though. to be expected with that many WRs. i would give this a solid B, B+ to A- if you can get rid of smith or allison for some RB depth that you can rely on.

Appreciate the feedback, here’s a look at the RBs available


From that the only one that I have any sort of confidence in is Rob Kelley. Would you guys drop Smith for Fat Rob?

i would honestly drop smith for any of them. in a 1 QB league i just dont care to roster an extra middle tier guy. would much rather have someone that could become something. that being said, im not thrilled to have any of them, but FIT Rob is lookin alright, hurt a bit by AP being there. Buck allen has potential unless you believe a lot in collins. yeldon has potential in a PPR. i would have loved anderson about 2 weeks ago, but im starting to buy the hype a bit on CMC getting a large workload. still a good stash in case he does hawk some goalline work and just touches in general. and then brieda is interesting as well since im becoming less sold on Mckinnon being a workhorse, im looking more at it being a committee these days. so i think any of them have enough potential to roster and wait and see.

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Took the advice and swapped Smith for Rob Kelley. Didn’t love Smith to begin with and took him in the 15th of 16 rounds.


That is a good switch of Smith for RB depth. I could also see CJA as a nice get since you have CMC. I personally think CJA will get more play than we saw in pre-season. I know folks are not into handcuffs, but CJA did not look bad at all plus was criminally underused in DEN. He was just not given the love treatment or playing all reps with the 1s these past three weeks. I am not doubting CMCs showing this pre-season as he looked better than I had expected, admittedly. But backing CMC with another talented runner pretty much secures that CAR backfield for you, and IMHO (any condition) Rob is not as good as CJA.

That said, it is just personal preference and nothing that is mission critical. I can see the upside to having a potentially nice cog in a different squad. Diversify and all that.

But to the bigger point, those rankings (any of them) are garbage. They are based on right now and not what could happen. If you only draft the dudes of the moment you score well. Take any alternate approach (no K or DST until week 1) and you are just hammered. As well with guys you think will take over mid-season. The algorithms do not account for that very well if at all. IMHO, your squad looks good.