I too have a WR Dilemma

Sitting at 7-2 with the number one seed as of now. I feel as if I have too much WR depth and would like to consolidate going into the playoffs. 0.5ppr

WRs: Evans, Lockett, AJ Green, Curtis Samuel, Bob Woods.
RBs: CMC, Carson, Sony Michel + Handcuffs

Should I look to pair Lockett and another WR to try to get a top 8 WR rest of season? And would an owner of a top 8 guy even accept?

Locket is a top 8 guy? He’s WR4.

don’t trade Lockett for anything at this point. If I were going to package someone it’d be Robert Woods + Curtis Samuel, or maybe if someone is interested in AJ Green try to trade him. I’d try to get some more RB depth as you’re not going to want to start Michel most weeks with burkhead white etc all healthy.

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Just worried about leaving an amazing offer on the table for him

Do you have an amazing offer on the table?

Who would you prefer over Lockett at this point? For me my list is super short.