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I trade Elliot for OBJ?


Was offered OBJ for Elliot.

I do have good depth outside of elliot. .5 PPR

Hunt, Shady McCoy, Doug Martin, Sproles, Chris Johnson.

Do I pull the trigger?


Normally I wouldn’t recommend giving up a RB without getting one in return. With you having Hunt, Shady, and Martin, however, you have some good depth. I’m trying to target getting OBJ as well in my league (but I don’t have Zeke) but if I were you I’d lean towards accepting this offer based on your roster construction.


Do you need OBJ? Chances are he will be better than any WR you already have, but the fact that you have Zeke, Hunt and Shady makes me think this isn’t your normal league. lol

Just from knowing your RB depth I’d say go for it.


It’s a standard 12 man .5 PPR league. Just went RB 3 of the first 4 rounds lol.

Have Demayus Thomas, Devante Parker, Adam Thelin, J.J. Nelson, and Pierre Garcon at wideout.


Dang you really don’t need OBJ either. lol.

Honestly, with how Mccoy has been playing, I don’t think I would do this. I would try and do Mccoy and Garcon for OBJ. Might be able to capitalize on Garcon’s big day.