I traded Gurley

Traded away Gurley and Demaryius Thomas and got OBJ and Dalvin Cook back. Good trade?

I like it. Gurley has a tough schedule after this week

I think ppl hate gurley too much. That said getting good and obj is totally worth the trade.

Wow! Nice!!!

So as a quick update on this one, a few bad apples are trying to get the trade vetoed! Is this a justified response?

This also begs the question - what are the veto rules for your league? Is it a simple majority vote? How long would a trade typically be open to a veto before the players actually exchange hands?

The ballers talk about it all the time… There should never be trade votes… Only time a trade should be vetoed is if there is collusion…

I think you got the better end of the deal… But only by a small margin…

If this trade gets vetoed. I’d leave the league…

Trade votes are just silly

I believe it’s 4 vetoes as set by default that will overturn a trade. But man, that is an AWESOME trade if that goes through.

Yeah there’s no collusion there, and the trade is fairly even, in your favor in regards to speculation on what the future holds for the players. Sounds like your league needs to discuss the purpose and process of trade vetoes…

Well yeah…so about this trade…lol!


awfully bad luck sorry bro

This is why i’m always nervous about trading.

holllly shit that sucks

Hahahaha sorry about your luck man, I denied a trade offer to get OBJ on my team last week and I am so glad I did. I feel better now haha

LMAOOOOO bro i am sorry but you have to just laugh at something like this. Goodluck next year

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oh my…i cant imagine how happy the other guy is right now lol

Lol. It’s been one of those years! When OBJ went down yesterday, I just rolled my eyes. I knew I was done!