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I trust all of your opinions


So here is my matchup for the weekend. Looking for some advice. ALSO I was offered josh Gordon for Stefan diggs. Opinion on that please. Good luck to everyone this weekend!!


I think you definitely have a shot at winning and I wouldn’t change your starters. Hunt is scary on the opposite side but hopefully the Chiefs are up big early and he only plays half the game like Conner did last night


I think so too, the only thing I’m debating is Njuko or Kittle both questionable as well. I think Johnson is a better fit then Howard and Davis as well


I would do the Gordon-Diggs trade. Diggs schedule is terrible ROS and if Gronk doesnt get healthy, Gordon has a much bigger part in this offense.


Yeah I am in the same boat with having to choose between Kittle and Njoku. It sucks because Kittle is a Monday night guy. Think I am going to just take my chances on Kittle but I have big advantage over my opponent as he has to start Gallup and Ryan Grant at wr because of bye’s


Diggs schedule is tough ROS, but patriots don’t throw as much on the second half of the season. Belichick likes to preserve Brady for the playoffs. That being said, I would still rather have Diggs, his target volume is ridiculous, getting double digit targets every game


definatelly Kittle, no question there in my mind.

my ONLY thought, is MAYBE davis over duke? Davis will probably have starting duties with Carson out, but Duke will certainly be heavily involved in the goal-line/passing down work.

and also, this may be a hot take, but depending on how bad Diggs is injured i’d think i’d take the Josh G. trade. Maybe i’m just high on him (drafted him in both my leagues and is basically a ROS starter/flex for me)

I just love his upside as the vertical reciever for tom frickin brady. Every week he’s becoming more and more involved, and he has an excellent playoff schedule. That late in the season, he has the potential to be the most lethal weapon on the pats.

My 2 cents bud, good luck and deff a winnable game. He has better “names” than you, but production wise it will all even out.


I would do the Diggs trade without hesitating. I’ve always been high on Gordon though. He is the only downfield threat for the Pats and his role won’t decrease to drastically if Gronk becomes healthy.

For the Vikings, they’ve always wanted to be a run first team and with their defense shaping up the past couple of weeks and getting Cook healthy, I think we’ll see a downturn in targets for Diggs after the bye.