I trust you all <3

You guys wanna help me set my lineup for this week please :slight_smile: If I lose this week my
Opponent gets into the playoffs and I simply can not allow that to happen. Here’s what I’m working with

2 comments/ideas, and there not even MUSTS there just my opinion.

I think Duke has a safer floor (assuming PPR) over jordan howard, who could boom, or completely bust.

Second, i don’t blame you for playing Broncos against a crashing and burning Bengals team with a backup QB in place, in fact its probably one of the top options. A sneaky play however could be the rams, as they have been turnover monsters and Stafford loves to turn the ball over this year.

I think if i had both of those D’s i would also choose Broncos, but it is VERY close in my mind, so close that either one feels like a good play.

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Yeah. I’m 10-2 (thanks to the ballers) first round bye is locked in. But my opponents line up is nasty with studs. If he makes it into playoffs might run everyone out of town