I try to help everyone I can and now I need help!

So as we all know Garcon hasn’t been playing well so with that being said I’m worried about starting him vs the rams tomorrow night. So should I start him or Rashard Higgins? I’m leaning towards Higgins but wanted some peoples input!

If you were able to sign Rashard Higgins you’re a lucky man. In his first game after being promoted off the practice squad, he was the obvious favorite of Kizer and finished with 16 points in full point PPR. So I’d go with Higgins from here on out

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Yea my league sleeps on a lot of people, I got to pick up Buck Allen last week and he did great for me. Thanks for the advice I will play Higgins this week over Garcon, I just think the 49ers offense is a mess :grinning:

I have the same dilemma deciding between Garcon and Higgins and I’m going with Higgins. I don’t want any part of a San Fran team that just played Seattle and has to play another game against a decent defense in LA in a four day stretch.

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Yeah that’s exactly what my mindset was @Alex28756

Higgins, better match up and more upside in my opinion

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking, I like the match up vs the Colts

I think Higgins has more upside and seems to be the only receiver who is even trying to get open on that team.

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Yeah I’m starting Higgins. Don’t want any part of the 49ers thinking about it more and more

would you guys play higgins over diggs if Bradford doesnt play

I would go Higgins over Diggs if Bradford doesn’t play

Garcon hasn’t done much but has had tough match ups I think this one tomorrow will show case his talents but Higgins match-up us to good to pas go with Higgins

Ok y’all. Here’s my dilemma concerning Higgins. A huge mess here. Just lost A-Rob and Kevin White. Now got DeMarco and T West questionable. Just grabbed Higgins today. Here’s my roster. Just went 0-2 after losing A-Rob and Kevin White. Here’s my roster. What would you do??? Start/Sit Who??? Never been a FFB year that I’ve been so lost!!! Dammit!!!



T West

Somehow missed adding Shady.

Shady starting

Again…somehow missed adding this. Full PPR. Sorry y’all…been a long exhausting work week. Kinda weary.

I have Sammy Watkins as well would he be a better option than those two