I’ve been offered two trades

I’ve been offered Aaron jones and Sammy Watkins for mark Ingram and also Matt breida for mark Ingram, I have a pretty well balanced team. WRs: Thielen, Tyreek, landry, Lockett and Keelan Cole. RBs: Zeke, Hyde, C Thompson and Ingram. Its full PPR im 2-2 and wondering if I should take one of these trades or just stay put with the team I have help!!

i def think you should hold on to ingram and not take either of these trades

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Thanks for the help!! Question for you, so my league is a 2wr league with a flex I currently have Thielen hill in there with Landry as my flex my RBs for now are Zeke and C Thompson, would you play Ingram or Hyde over Thompson? And also would you maybe bench hill in a tough matchup and move Landry from the flex position and put 3 of these RBs in?