I’ve been told for weeks that Baker Mayfield is going to ‘tear it up’

Also Landry for that matter. Is this just the Browns being the Browns or are they victims of the surrounding talent? Either way I’ve not been that impressed…

Young team and rookie QB = highly inconsistent results unfortunately


Agreed, I think after this week if it stays as is i’d like to see the hype train stopped within the industry until proven otherwise drives me mad… rant over lol

I feel you. There’s been a lot of irrational exuberance going on this NFL season. Browns win a single game and all the sudden they are the hot topic for weeks and weeks…

That being said, I think if and when they start meshing (as we’ve seen glimpses of), Browns players fantasy owners will rejoice often. There’s a lot to be optimistic about. Just gonna annoyingly unreliable all season really.

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If they start getting Chubb in rhythm consistently, that should be a big push in the right direction.

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Yeah it’s just a pain and as you say all the hyperbol needs to be reigned in a bit until we get some consistent performances - like Kerryon and Cohen I’m all aboard that hype train, looks like there are two kings in the north (at RB)

There goes Chubb again at least.

Haha yeah that’s true, maybe I’ll live to regret this post - I hope so for my points total this week at least

Like I said Landry and Mayfeid are legit :flushed::flushed:
(I think I caused this by tempting fate with the football gods fyi)

Lol it was all you

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Didn’t Baker and Landry do fine? I started both and was pretty happy with the results.

I will say, I am slightly disappointed by baker’s performance but that Oline is doing him no favors. And also, the dropped passes is just getting ridiculous at this point.

Watching that game, it made me reevaluate starting/ owning Winston in all of my leagues…

I think Winston is still a fine play. I think watching that game should make the buccs re-evaluate having Winston as their franchise QB cause his decision making is awful and consistently misses open guys. But from a fantasy perspective, I think Winston will be fine going forward.

I’ve been saying this forever, the browns D is criminally underrated. They are just so damn good in all phases of the game. They have a top cover corner, one of the best edge rushers in the game, just solid overall D. It’s hard to put up points on that team.

It’s just frustrating to see that he doesn’t know how to use his weapons. They would rather bring 4 different tight ends on the field and dump it off to Humphries than to challenge downfield with DJax/ Evans. I’m assuming its because he’s not the most accurate downfield passer and they are trying to prevent him from making mistakes. I’m just glad Evans had a good game this week so I can try and shop him.

Your guess would be right. His downfield passing accuracy is atrocious. He missed Djax twice. That’s why I like Godwin. Godwin is more of the possession receiver for the shorter passes he can make. Winston cannot connect downfield at all. He’s awful.