I’ve got a gut feeling

Does anyone else have a gut feeling that Clyde Edwards-Helaire should be drafted before D’Andre Swift? I know landing spot has a lot to do with it.

The reason I’m asking is I have the 1.02 in my rookie draft and if Jonathan Taylor is picked #1, it’s assumed I should pick Swift at the 1.02. I’ve watched a ton of film of Swift and CEH, and for some reason, my gut is really pushing me to draft CEH at the 1.02. I also have the 1.07 so I would normally hope for him to drop to there, but I happen to know that the guy at the 1.03 wants CEH and he won’t drop to me.


I totally agree that you should take landing spot into consideration first and foremost. Normally I’d say go with your gut, cause there’s nothing worse than going against your gut and being wrong, but in this case it may just be you really like CEH and knowing he wont drop to you has you second guessing yourself.

If you feel that strongly on it I’d say pull the trigger, unless you know, he lands somewhere incredibly undesirable in the draft. Best feeling in fantasy is going with your gut when every expert and peer says opposite and you look like a genius, but on the flip, you look and feel pretty bad when everyone was right and your hunch doesn’t pay off.

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If they both land in good spots, then go with your gut … otherwise, go with the better landing spot ala David Mopportunity last year.