I want Cam or Russell dynasty league

Just drafted using the UDK in a newly formed dynasty league. A guy in the league has an average squad (in my opinion) but he got Newton, Wilson and Mahomes as his QBs, I have Baker and Rivers.

He’s offered me Wilson and Hurns for Keenan Allen and Carson.

Thoughts please?

I would not do that trade. He gets Allen, which I am sure is a massive upgrade this year and for a few more, and gives up a QB he might not play more than a few games, and who could very well have a down year given the sate of the team as a whole. Wilson is expendable to him, potentially so are Newton and Mahomes, though probably to a lesser degree.

I agree with your interest in adding a stronger QB, and I would also be looking to take advantage of the situation this team is in with their abundance of quality QBs, but I think you might be able to get them a bit below market if you keep this player engaged. Start by taking a look at the other teams in your league, do any of them have a similar need for a QB? If not, then you have even more bargaining power.

I would steer you towards Newton over Wilson to help you make a run this year, but I wouldn’t be willing to part with Allen to acquire him. If he won’t accept anything less, I would test the waters on Mahomes. A Rivers/Mahomes tandem could be very rewarding this year.

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Thanks for taking the time to send that message. Really appreciate it

Just been offered this

Seems like he knows what he is doing and isn’t ready to compromise yet. Also tells me he likes having 3 viable QBs, so he may not be willing to go below market, but imo he is still asking well above market. Since you have Smith you aren’t particularly needy at the position, so there is no way I’d give up a top 5 WR for a comparatively small bump at QB. This seems like him making a feeler trade, he’d be over the moon if you accepted this. You can at least counter with something, its common courtesy, but something tells me he might just be ok leaving his team stacked at QB for a while.

I’ve asked for Mahomes and Baldwin for Smith and Carson

Sorry Brieda, not Carson

I hope for your sake he takes it! :grin:

Maybe you can give him Allen/Mayfield for Baldwin/Newton? I might still lean toward the Allen side of that trade given the abundance of startable QBs. Its hard to land a big time WR1.

This is a 1 QB league right?

Yeah. It’s a work (ish) dynasty league in our first season

Screenshot_20180901-215900_Sleeper Screenshot_20180901-215854_Sleeper
This is my squad