I WANT Fournette

Tell me if I’m wrong. I may be going crazy. I just want to upgrade my RB and this seems like the most vulnerable option right now. I don’t wanna give up any of my top WR’s for him because who knows when he’ll be healthy but I still wanna try to get him. The owner needs a TE so I was thinking of trying to do a Jared Cook or Jordan Reed + Kenyan Drake for Fournette and Yeldon. Here’s my roster, let me know what trade offer I should send.

My roster is :


Dalvin Cook
Kenyan Drake
Mark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson

Jordan Reed
Jared Cook

Keenan Allen
AJ Green
Sammy Watkins
Larry Fitz

u can offer it I doubt he would accept, Drake has not produced not even a little bit. Try maybe Fitz and Cook for him but personally Fournettes health scares me be careful

Exactly, no way he would accept that deal. Doesn’t hurt to try though

Me too but I feel like this is the time I can buy him lowest. When he gets healthy he will be great. Hopefully soon.

you can buy low for sure but your offer is more like trade rape haha

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I can see that :joy: @Mhalefit What should I offer then?

I would try to package Fitz with something, your team is not bad at all though with Ingram coming back and Johnson kind of emerging