I want Russell Wilson

Im desperate for a QB… Cousins has been mostly okay for me but almost every team in my league is rostering 2 QBs… the guy with Wilson also has Watson and he likes Watson more… i just cant get him to budge on wilson for anything less than like Jordan Howard which Id never do… Honestly i think Id be willing to go Keenan Allen plus TyMont for Wilson and bench fodder… i think i could pry Wilson away for that price… he also owns aaron jones so i could spin that hed be locking down the GB backfield… any thoughts on that? Ive never paid that much for a qb when i can stream but honestly streaming is too difficult in this league… the only viable option is mccown… am I crazy for wanting to offer up that much?

I just traded Cousins Hunt and Parker for Wilson and Fournette. Feeling great about the trade. Cousins to Wilson is an upgrade but be careful not to hurt your flex talent too much or it negates the trade. Think about Cousins Allen and TM for his top back and Wilson. Then find the best WR you can find off the waiver. Just a thought

Well he wanted Hunt from me for like Wilson and Powell… i said no pretty quickly… then he moved to Howard… i told him hed need to give me jones or Ingram (his best backs) if he wants one of my backs… i really tried pushing Howard and Cousins for Ingram or Jones and Wilson but he wont go for it… honestly idt id trade Ingram for Howard right now either… i mentioned Hunt and Cousins over text for Ingram and Wilson to test the waters but he still was like “eh idk.” If i were him i woulda taken Hunt in a heartbeat for my back up QB… but yeah Allen is probably my most talented WR but im doing better with waiver guys than i am with Allen… figure it shouldmt be too hard to replace 8ppg (half ppr)… and TyMont i love… was super high on him all offseason grabbed him in every league and first 2 weeks i really rubbed it into everyones face… well jokes on me bc hell never have more than flex value from now on imo…

Nope. As facts changes opinions must change. TM is nothing more than a backup in a dying offense. Without Rogers defenses are going to start loading the box. I wouldn’t even value Allen too high personally. If you can dump Cousins Allen and TM for Wilson and either one of his two backs you’ve probably won the trade.

After all the overpay offers i sent him he counters with Wilson Powell for Cousins and T.Coleman lol… Coleman > Powell for sure but Wilson is an enormous upgrade over Cousins. And i dont really neeed coleman with Hunt and Howard as my backs but it would be nice to have him for the byes. Oh well im happy with it.

Win for you! Coleman is a nice flex candidate in PPR.