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I want to join a 10-12 team PPR league!


I’m looking to join a 10-12 team PPR league!! If you got one with a spot open let me know! I’ve played for going on 6 years now…FOOTBALL IS BACK!


Three spots left in my league.

10 team PPR, 2QB, Auction Draft.

Check out my post and shoot me an email if you’re interested.



i sent you an email…let me know what i need to do!


I have spots left in my league also


Email me rollforeverreal@gmail.com


invite sent


you get invite


michael. Im trying to join a league if you still have openings. email me at ctm4288@gmail.com


your more than welcome to join i will send invite


need ur ph# to add you to group me



Check out my post and see if you’d like to join