I want to join a 12 men ppr

Hey ya’ll i want to join some leagues ppr 12 team cash fom51la@yahoo

I have one spot left open it is a 12 team ppr keeper league , $50 entree fee Espn start up so your get to start from beginning , if your interested let me know ASAP trying to fill by tonight so we can began. Background please years you have played and how many ;leagues are you currently in ? thanks


12 Team PPR - $100


Leaguesafe payment ?

What is the team? Just wanna know keeper options

I think he’s saying that it’s a start up keeper league and you will be starting from scratch unless I’m missing something.

Misread lol my bad

Hey micheal emanuel im very interested sir

12 team Re-draft league.
.5 PPR, decimal scoring, 12 teams
QB/2RB/2WR/TE/1flex (WR/RB/TE)/DST, Kicker

League will be on ESPN
FAAB system ($200 budget)

Season is 13 weeks, 3-week playoff format
1stt and 2nd seed gets first round bye during week 14

We will use Groupme for all communications.
Snack draft to be held [on Thursday, August 30 @ 8:00pm. (Can be slightly adjusted if agreed upon league members)

Buy In (Dues paid/managed by LeagueSafe)

$100 buy in x 12 people = $1200

Playoff Champion - $600
2nd Place - $250
3rd Place - $100
Leaving $250 left
Trophy is $150 (Link is below)
https://www.fantasychamps.com/shop/championship-trophies/fantasy-football-championship-trophy-gold/ 2

$100 is for Playoff side pot

To make the league competitive throughout the entire year we make a side pot during the playoffs that anyone can win, even if you don’t make the playoffs. The team with the most points scored during the 3 week playoff wins the side pot. This allows all teams to continue to make roster moves that help their team versus collusion.