I want to keep Bell. What do I give up for Connor?

I have Bell and I want to keep him. Connor went 3 picks before I was prepared to take him. I want to get him before the season starts in case he blows up and people will want so much for him. At the same time, I don’t want to pay a bunch for him, and have Bell show up Monday. I also have Mark Ingram to deal with on my team, which throws another wrench into the early season.

What do I give up to get Connor?

My Team
.5 PPR
Bell/Ingram/Chris Thompson/Chris Carson/Mike Gilleslee
Diggs/Allen Robinson/Randall Cobb/Keelan Cole/Kenny Stills/Michael Gallup
Mason Crosby

Unfortunately, Conner is just going to cost you a bunch now. That ship has sailed. You need to pay up to acquire Conner to protect your Bell investment. It’s just smart business. Pinching pennies and nickels now is stupid.

Maybe go out there and try and trade Gillislee + a WR for him to start. If that doesn’t work, give Carson+. I’d just stop short of giving up Bell/Diggs/ARob/Gronk. Anyone else on your roster is honestly fair game.

Just curious, where were you “prepared” to take him? Assuming it was at the turn given you said its 3 picks.

I gave up Penny in a dynasty league if that helps give you an idea of what I think he’s worth.

We drafted last week, so the assumption was Bell would show on Monday and everything would be like last year. I was prepared to take Connor in the 13th round of 16 total rounds. The Connor owner has Rashaad Penny also, so to me it makes a lot of sense to trade Chris Carson for Connor at this point, even though it hurts.

When you invest in a top 4 asset, you protect that asset when there’s a high degree of risk. Difference between round 13 and round 12 is completely meaningless. If I drafted Bell, I’d take him as early as 11th or 12th to make sure I got him. Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to pay the price.

FYI for reference, Penny is worth way more in dynasty than redraft if you don’t play dynasty so not sure that helps you.

You’ll be lucky to get Conner for just Carson. If I was the conner owner, I’d charge you Carson + a receiver. Maybe like a Keelan Cole or something like that. If I were you, I’d pay up.

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Yea, I hear ya. I just don’t want it to be true. I am generally averse to drafting handcuffs, but I also haven’t picked in the top 4 in the draft for a number of years. I obviously should have taken Connor sooner.

You said you think I should pay up. I am guessing that means you wouldn’t just stand pat and wait it out, given my current roster?

You’re talking to the guy, who literally never drafts handcuffs. I’m in like 14 leagues and literally do not own a single handcuff. This situation is totally different though. If I invest a top 4 pick in Bell, I’m protecting that pick with a double digit dart throw draft pick no matter what. Like that late round pick is pretty useless anyways. If you tell me I can protect my top 4 pick with it, that’s a no brainer in this situation.

You need to pay up. Especially since you also drafted Ingram. If you don’t get conner, you’re realistically looking at a Thompson + Gillislee starting line up early in the season. That would make me puke.

Also, with Penny back in the mix, Carson isn’t really that valuable. Sell on the hype. Penny is more talented back by far and eventually, talent wins out in the NFL.

The primary reason that I traded Penny for Connor is because of Bell, but even in Dynasty, my thought is, I’ve had so many of the “next big thing” Seattle backs and none of them have panned out since Lynch left. Penny also showed up to training camp 16lbs overweight (220 - 236) and is already dealing with a small injury not to mention Chris Carson does look sharp.

Contrast that with the Bell woes, the fact that Connor looks GREAT in pre-season and the overwhelming consensus that Bell will not be in PIT next year leads me to believe Connor does have the long term upside.

Obviously I could be wrong, it is FANTASY football afterall :slight_smile:

I wasn’t questioning your trade for Penny, I was just explaining to the OP that penny is worth way more in dynasty than he is in redraft so your value setting there doesn’t really help him much in this instance, especially if he doesn’t play dynasty. No need to defend your trade to me here.

Personally, I’d still rather have penny but to each their own.

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You’re right, just trying to make myself feel better and offer some advice in the event that someone reading is in the same Dynasty situation, an unlikely event hehe.

The guy in my league who drafted Bell has James Conner too. We were talking trade proposals, but after looking at my team, I’m not willing to give up any of my starters. He did offer to take Diggs off my hands and I felt like that was fair but what happens when LevBell comes back? Out Stefon Diggs and I’m stuck with a guy who’s production values will tank.

I think he’s going to be another DeAngelo Williams. He’ll pop up HUGE numbers the first few weeks and goose eggs the rest of the season.

I’m not even following what you said. None of it makes any sense.

Are you saying he offered to trade you Bell and Conner for Diggs? If so, that is the easiest accept I would ever make in my life.

Also, Williams was productive the entire time Bell was out. Was a locked in RB1. I don’t think Conner will be that necessarily but he will at least be a decent RB2 with Rb1 upside most weeks.

Must have been just Connor for Diggs. But why on earth would the guy who owns Bell and Connor be willing to trade Connor unless his roster is truly stacked. I think I am going to wait until saturday to make a move. To me, that is the last breakpoint in the Bell situation. If he doesnt report Saturday (so he gets all of his money), I think he is holding out for the long term.

Going to cost you, twice as much at that point. You’ve already made the mistake once, if you want to risk it again, that’s your prerogative but that seems like a silly decision to me when right now, you can get it for someone like Carson who doesn’t hold season long value + a little extra. If Bell doesn’t show Sat, Conner is going to cost you someone like ARob or Diggs.

Offer up Chris Thompson, hes a boarderline RB2 with every week flex status. He has a role in the offense regardless of Peterson, Fat Rob, and Perine. I wouldnt take carson, i think he is in a timeshare without a carved out role and that Oline in seattle is trash. If he doesnt take Thompson, I wouldnt offer up an additional player. Sit tight, Bell wont sit out the whole year so at worst you get him back in week 10 nice and fresh ready to win you games down the stretch and into the playoffs. Counter point if you cant get conner then why not flip Bell to the guy who has conner? Take his best wr and a rb2 or if he has a better QB or TE then you ask for those as well.

Do you see his team? You think that team will make it to playoffs without Bell for 10 weeks starting CT + Carson for 4 weeks? I get it you don’t want to overpay, but there’s smart business.

We talked about me trading Bell to him. He owns Julio Jones and Hopkins. I don’t know if he would do either of those, but thats what it would have to be for me to trade him. I am already in not great shape if Bell only misses one game. I have no shots of being in the playoff hunt in week 10 if I don’t get to play Bell until then, like Mike said.

I saw some trades yesterday of JJ+ for Bell. So that’s definitely a realistic possibility. Problem is, doesn’t solve your RB problems. You’re still struggling. Honestly I just think acquiring Conner is the cheapest and optimal route. Because if Bell does show up saturday, all it costs you is 1 week, and a couple of fringe players

Id say you make that move if he goes for it, but you should be shopping around one of your wrs in the meantime to aquire another back to hold you over until ingram comes back. Cobb+Cole could get a you a rb2.

Best case you trade Thomspon for Conner, throw in gallup or carson if you need to.

I am coming back to this. The Connor owner is driving a hard bargain.

My Team:
Bell, C Carson, C Thompson, M Ingram, M Breida, M Gillislee
Diggs, A Robinson, Cobb, K Cole, K Stills, M Gallup

His Team:
Wentz, Tyrod
Hopkins, Julio, Crabtree, Jordy, Hurns, Mike Williams
Kenyan Drake, McCoy, Burkhead, Jamaal Williams, J Conner, R Penny
Jaylen Samuels as TE (he has TE eligibility in Yahoo for some reason).

He’s asking for Ingram from me as part of a deal for Conner. I don’t see a clear option package that Ingram is part of just to get Conner. Do you guys see anything that you would do from my perspective? No one is untouchable on my team.