I want to pick up Doctson, but would you?

I want to pick him up across the board, but at the same token I’d have to take a risk at having 4 RB instead of 5…usually have a ratio I play. Or I’d be risking one WR over another. I have Tate and Sanders hurt in most, so it would be like Shepard or Doctson…or Jones Jr. or Snead…those type of players on most teams.

I’m leaning to keeping Shepard and riding out what I can, knowing I need wins now more than not. I’ve got a weak link in Murray. I can try a trade there.

I’m all in on Doctson this week. My opponent dropped him this week, and the fantasy gods smite those who give up on the hallowed Josh Doctson. He will have 6 receptions for 85 yards and 2 TDs. All praise be to the Doctson. (I’m the conductor of the Doctson Hyde train)

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I’m in similar situations so in one league I dropped my kicker and picked up Doctson and will decide who to drop before kickoff.

In a 0ppr I’m probably gonna drop Stills for him before today’s game since I hope Doc’s season long value is better than Stills.