I want to pick up d'onta Foreman but

I have fournette on IR already . im taking a flier on him hoping he will produce when he comes back

I have Cole and Clement i can drop for FOreman. WHo? or SHould i even consider?


im 2-2

I have CMC and breida in my line up. Fournette,chubb, clement on bench

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I’d drop Clement…

Personally, I wan’t nothing to do with Philly’s backfield

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Only reason i have him cause of AJAYI being always hurt every year. LOL i have him as a handcuff, but still they probably use RBBC even ajayi is out. right>?

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Don’t pick up foreman. It’s a total waste. The guy wasn’t very good to begin with, all he had was 1 blow up game and then got injured. Also, he tore his achilles. RB’s don’t come back from that injury. It’s not like an ACL tear. Achilles is what gives RBs their burst and cutting ability. Once you tear it, you don’t get that back. Look back to Arian Foster. Once he tore his achilles, his career was over.

Let someone else waste their roster slot.

i know man… Im just dying at RB depth thats all. :frowning: lol

Foreman isn’t depth. He’s just a waste of a roster slot. Better off keeping Clement who might actually see the field. Not to mention Texans Oline is worst in the league so any RB in that backfield is going to suck. Nevermind one who’s coming back from achilles.

Foster was 30 and had high usage so he was pretty much done anyways. Other than that I agree 100%. There just isn’t a lot of info as far as guys in their primes that were star players and came back from it at RB position. A couple of star receivers did but its a different kind of usage with them, but guys like LeShore of the Lions were good backs before and pedestrian after. That’s more then enough to give me pause with Foreman.

FWIW - My high school principal may have been the first player in NFL history to return and play after that injury. He was never the same afterward either as he went from NFL MVP in 55’ and leading the league in touchdowns his first two seasons to a guy that wasn’t regularly on the field after the injury.

Yeah I wasn’t trying to say foster was a stud but at 30, he was still easily a starting caliber RB and imo, better than what Foreman has shown to this point. And after the injury, he wasn’t even good enough to be a backup.

That’s just an injury we haven’t figured out yet. And it’s one of the reason why Kobe to this day remains one of my favorite players of all time. Overcame it but obviously basketball is a different sport, don’t need the same burst you need as a RB.

Yeah IIRC Foster made it, what, one game with the Fins after the injury or did he play a season with Texas first after it happened?

Yeah…or try to pick who it’s gonna be for the week

Soooo glad to see this post/responses. I have Lamar, and getting really, really frustrated with him right now. My RB arena is in tough shape right now. Just got Gurley, Lamar, Dion and T Coleman. Was seriously thinking about dropping Lamar and grabbing up Foreman. OR…keeping Lamar and dropping Doyle, since Ebron’s busting out and grabbing Foreman. So…yeah…pulling my hair out right now!!! GRRRR!!!