I want to trade for Dede. How much is too much?

Here’s my roster. I was thinking Breida and Robby Anderson as an offer but is that offering to much? I was also thinking Sony 1:1. Thoughts?

yeah thats to much for dede but i would rather send singletary


Here’s the guys roster with Dede. I would like to get Evans too. Opinions on DJ too would be nice. Looking at my RB depth I have a chance to be able to trade him and still be okay. Of course that depends on the health of Cook but there is Justice Hill and Alexander Mattison still on waivers.

This full ppr

It’s half ppr

I would offer Singletary and thats about it. I like what you have and wouldn’t really want to move any of the other pieces for him.

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I’m not sure how high level your league is but maybe package Devin with the jags defense. You could probably find the same production from streaming defense


That’s a good idea I’d try that and pick up SEA or NE defense

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Thank you for the advice. I’ll see what I can do. It just irritates me because I want him and he isn’t even starting him with three other WRs in his starting lineup lol

I made the Singletary for Dede trade in two separate leagues to get Dede. People are high on Singletary but I think it will be Gore for the first part of the season.

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Lmao the guy rejected the trade for Singletary and then dropped one of his QBs for Frank Gore.