I want to trade for TY and Gore at their current value before the deadline today!

Want to get them low in hope they get traded and TY’s value skyrockets

I have McCoy, hunt, martin, miller, McKinnon, ertz, keenan, DT, Parker, doctson

I think the TY trade is a better idea than a trade for Ajayi. Try trading Doctson for him straight up or something. Or include Docston/Miller in a trade for TY and a lesser RB or something.

ok thanks! idk how likely he will get traded… think there is a solid chance?

I’m a Colts fan, and I don’t think it’s incredibly likely. I think they will want too much in return for him. If I had to put a % on it I would say like 20%.

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what do you think about doctson and martin for TY and either gore or Coleman?

Freeman owner is asking for McCoy for Freeman and Jarvis.
I could snag coleman and TY… what do you think about all this… lol

Gosh alot going on…ummm McCoy for Freeman/Jarvis is actually pretty darn close. Freeman is buy low candidate for sure, and Jarvis becomes your 2nd best WR behind Keenan I think. That’s obviously not a deal involving TY, but it’s still a good deal.

Awesome! I think I am going to get him to send it and get the TY owner to send TY and Coleman for Doctson and either Martin or Miller…

Which do you think I should send, miller or martin?

It looks like Jarvis may be staying put.

He is saying he will do Martin for TY and either gore or Coleman… whatcha think?

Now he is saying miller for TY and Alshon

If you have Freeman, I would want Coleman.

miller for TY and Alshon?

I mean it’s not a horrible deal, especially given your RB depth, but I would rather have Coleman back.