I want to win the consolation bracket with the worst team

I missed the championship bracket, so I’m looking to have a little more fun with the consolation bracket while maybe throwing a wrench or two into the championship. I want to try to win with the worst looking team. I’m looking for upside/matchup plays that sound terrible, but could actually win a week.

I already decided I’m starting Gabbert at QB. Looking at CJ Anderson for RB. Who are some other players I could add to this team?

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Trent Taylor SF. I like him with jimmy g starting.


Awesome, thanks!

I was thinking Andre Ellington and Austin Ekeler for my RBs. It’s a full PPR, so Ellington could get some work done.

I know. It’s like the “CONSOLATION BRACKET” is to give a chance to show “WHO’S THE BEST OF THE LOSERS”!!! And…hey…if I couldn’t make the Play Offs…at least I can be the one that ALMOST got there!!! LOL

Soooo…on that note…last year I was in that bracket…AND I WON IT!!! It’s worth fighting for!!!

This year I actually made the Play Offs…(just by the skin of the skin of my teeth!!!)

In other words…don’t be ashamed of making the CONSOLATION BRACKET!!! Especially this year…it’s been weirder than most years!!!

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I definitely don’t mind making it, would have rather made the other bracket. But I’ve been playing the same “studs” (Hunt, Murray, Julio, Dak, Crabtree) for the whole season and I’ve lost 6 of the last 7 games. I wanna try something new, a little different, and a little more exciting. The other teams in this bracket aren’t very good, and a few have already given up, so I think I can still win it even with a roster full of sleepers

Hey. Ya know what…LOL. FFB is a lot like LIFE!!! We do our research, follow our gut. We focus on the POSSIBLE and BANK on the PROBABLE!!! And then the HURRICANE/TORNADO hits and it all goes to hell!!! In other words…we all make the best out of what we have. If the WORST happens…we just scrap together what we have left and make it work somehow!!!

LOL…sorry if I got a little “philosophical” here. BUT…hey…it is what it is right???

Go with it…we all “win” one way or another!!! We all stuck with it and did what we could with what we had…win or lose!!!

OK…I’m done. Sorry for the crazy philosophical mumbo-jumbo!!! LOL


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My team for this week:

QB: Garoppolo
WRs: Stills & Goodwin
RBs: Ekeler, Forte
TE: Stephen Anderson

Yeah I’m kinda in the same quandary with Stills. I’ve got R Anderson. Picked up Stills just in case. Now looks like Robby might play. Sooo do I play him or play Stills??? I’m just as torn on this one!!! As far as your other players you listed…WOW…thinking Forte…but beyond that…really torn. But we’ve still got a couple days here…so…planning to check some stats and post back. But sure others will prob post too. Really interested what they may suggest!!!

That’s a tough one…I think I’d still go Anderson though. Denver’s DST has been pretty terrible lately. Then again, Miami will definitely have to throw.

From all I’ve been able to find in my research is that DEN is good to go up against vs TE…but not so much vs WR. The prob with Stills is…it’s vs PATS. Bellicheck is Bellicheck (or however you spell it LOL). When it comes to the PATS…I’m not confident in gauging or playing anything VS them!!! I’m at a complete loss on advising vs them. What’s everybody else saying??? LOL…hanging onto this post tooth, nail, hair and every other phalange I’ve got!!!

AND…even if Anderson is able to play…just coming back from concussion …now going up against DEN…who is MAJOR TOUGH against WR…is it worth counting on him???

Denver has given up more receiving TDs than any team in the league. That’s enough for me to want to play Anderson, if I had him. Averaging 2 passing TDs per week…if the Jets can do that, the chances that Robby gets one (if not both) are very high, in my opinion

The prob I’m having is…they might have given up the most TD points…but…they are REALLY TOUGH against WR ydg!!! That’s what has me in a “WHAT THE HELL DO I DO???” Not contradicting your thoughts mind you…just offering up another angle at it.

They actually are more generous against TE ydg…it’s the WR ydg that’s would hurt Anderson!!!

@hurricanetht this is such a great idea. Love it… It will be super fun if you win a matchup with a werid lineup

Turns out Matt Forte might not play…so I need a new RB for this week. I like Andre Ellington, but Kerwinn, Barber, Doug Martin, CJ Anderson, and Booker are all available. Who should I go with?? Or is there someone else I could look for?