I was just offered a big trade!

David Johnson
LeSean McCoy
Calvin Ridley
Russel Wilson


My current roster:
JuJu, Thielen, Woods, Tyrell, Alshon, McClaurin
Zeke, Jones, Samuels, Sanders, Thompson

I would try to get a slightly better receiver out of him but that’s a good offer forsure

I’m just wondering if Russel is a wash since i have Rodgers and as soon as Williams comes back McCoy is probably useless…so long term i’d be trading Zeke and JuJu for David Johnson and Ridley

Exactly, and do you really want to roster 2 QBs? I have a hard time trading away the potential RB1. I would definitely have to get a solid back end RB1 for me to do the deal.

Also, keep in mind you’re going to have to cut 2 people for that trade, do you have 2 you’re willing to drop?

Most likely Tyrell and Sanders

If fine with Tyrell but not Sanders, You’d be dropping a player who could be the guy the second half the season for a McCoy who is a couple week rental.

Here are their other players if you see something that would be a better fit for me…

WRs: Odell, Gordon, Marquise Brown, Hardman, DJ Moore Ridley
RBs: David Johnson Fournette, Montgomery, McCoy

what about this trade

Johnson and McCoy
Ridley and Moore

Juju and Tyrell Williams or Alshon

I’m not particularly keen on trading Zeke away.
But if you feel like you need to make a move, I might go

Zeke & Juju
Fournette, Johnson, & Moore

I would pass on that trade. Not really even close. Zeke is a stud and they are trying to take advantage of JuJu being down at the moment. Unless this is redraft, I pass on this.

If i was trading zeke away, id want some big value out of him… for me this trade isnt enough for zekes value

Ya i ended up rejecting it…im super tilting to replace my WRs cuz I have Thielen, Woods, and JuJu and their lack of production has me considering crazy trades to get more consistent WR points

I drafted Zeke, Aaron Jones, JuJu, Thielen, and Woods and thought my team was gunna be super legit lol.

I’m currently 2-2 so not in a terrible spot.