I was offered a trade for Hunt

Was offered Tevin Coleman and Travis Kelce for Kareem Hunt and Cameron Brate.

My other RB’s are Shady McCoy, Zeke Elliot, Doug Martin, and Buck Allen. Think the trade is worth it?

Nope. You can 100% get more for Hunt. I would target a solid WR over a TE. If Brate is your only TE option you may need to simply stream that position week in and week out, especially if OJ Howard ends up soaking up a bunch of red zone targets.

You could also counter for a better RB + Kelce for Hunt & Brate considering you have mad depth at RB.


If so, I like it.

Maybe see if there are any other RB/TE combos in your league to see if you can get a better RB trade off

half point

as the comment above me said, you can get better for Hunt. Id counter or checkout other teams who may be light at RB

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I would suggest sitting on him and enjoying the ridiculous depth you have at RB. It’s all about points and winning right? I don’t care what the rest of your team looks like, you’re always going to competitive!

I think you can get a lot more than that, and if you can’t, no one ever complained about too much RB depth.

Yeah everyone is pretty stingy so far. A lot of overvaluing their players right now lol.

McCoy and Zeke with Hunt my flex, can’t complain about that hahaha. Guess it’s just stream city. Ya’ll think it’s worth picking up Zach Miller over Brate?

Streaming TE is just fine. Brate is a solid option.

That’s an obvious nope for me. keep Hunt