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I was offered cj anderson for Devin Funchess


My other Wr’s are Julio Jones, Michael Crabtree, Doug Baldwin, Sterling Sheapard, and Emmanual Sanders. Do I accept? 12 man league, .5 ppr.



Since you are so deep at WR I don’t see how it hurts you.

What’s your RB situation?


Unless you are super hurting for a RB I say no.


I wouldn’t accept that trade right now. Funchess is now Carolina’s #1 WR with Benjamin out the door. This could be an uptick in production that could net you a bigger RB fish.


Kareem Hunt, Chris Thompson, Isaiah Crowell, Frank Gore.

My record is 7-1, cj anderson fantasy playoff schedule is very nice

Jets, Indy, Washington


Even with Funchess being the #1 WR on Carolina, with most Bye weeks over with I don’t see the need to have 5 quality WR (Incl. Sanders when healthy). If not Funchess you should try moving someone for some RB depth.

Unless like someone else said you want to wait a week and see what kinda value Funchess can accrue. Then maybe you can get someone better.