I was offered Ekeler and CeeDee for DJ Moore and Najee

10 Team Non-PPR redraft league

My other position players:
RBs = Kamara, Damien Harris, Damien Williams, Elijah Mitchell
WR = Justin Jefferson, Deebo, Diontae Johnson, Allen Robinson

My gut reaction was no, but I am still considering. Any feedback would be very much appreciated.


Its a pretty sideways trade. I prefer Ekeler over Najee in standard which is so weird to say but Najee has been so inefficient and they don’t score many TDs. DJ Moore and CeeDee is close but I prefer Moore. So it really comes down to who you think the best players in the trade is. You’re solid at both positions

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Agree with this. DJ Moore is a upgrade talent wise compared to Ceedee (Ceedee is great but still needs time to develop route running. Awesome place to learn it next to amari).

Ekeler and najee are both great talents but ekelers situation is so much better. Najee you’re just banking on the Ppr points.

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