I was offered George Kittle for the 1.06 rookie pick. Should I take it?

Dynasty full PPR. Here’s my team…


QB Russell Wilson
RB Austin Ekeler
RB Kareem Hunt
WR D.K. Metcalf
WR Marvin Jones Jr.
TE O.J. Howard
FLEX Sony Michel
FLEX Raheem Mostert
FLEX Sammy Watkins


QB Drew Lock
RB T.J. Yeldon
RB Justin Jackson
RB Dion Lewis
WR Dede Westbrook
WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside
WR Miles Boykin
WR Zach Pascal
TE Greg Olsen
TE Jordan Atkins
TE Foster Moreau


WR Andy Isabella

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I was also offered Tyler Higbee for the 2.11 and Dede Westbrook

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You absolutely need some WR help as well as TE. Let me try and break this down as both offers are pretty good.

Kittle offer I really like. You are getting a primo guy at a position that is hard to keep filled. By everything we’ve seen, he should be a top guy for years. Losing the 1.06 will mean you are weak at WR which is what you would likely be getting there. That said, WR support is easier to come by than a TE of Kittle’s stature. I could see this move and like it.

Higbee I also am really high on, and your ‘give’ is not as bad. Moving a late 2nd and a potentially lower ranking WR for a team is a strong play. Yes, you lose WR in a pool you really do not want to keep losing depth from, but Higbee could be a strong mid/low TE1 this year and you can use your 1.06 to grab a high end WR. You are upgrading two positions on this one while sacrificing very little in comparison.

So it comes down to do you want a known alpha at the position (Kittle) or a shot at a future alpha (1.06) plus a solid position upgrade? If it were me, I would take the Higbee trade and be pretty happy with what it could do for my team. You ought to get an upgrade at TE for this year, and draft a big boost for your fine but needing help WR room.

I think your team will benefit from either trade, and being frank it needs help. If I am taking either offer, it is the Higbee trade. I would probably do that immediately, but see if you can add in a 2021 2nd or 3rd from the other team in the deal. If not, just take it IMHO but they will probably bite on one of those picks.

In general your team is not bad, but it does need lots of work. For me, giving up the 1.06 does not really help as much as adding Kittle would. On the plus side, I really like OJH and think when he gets to the new team, or even works out great in TB with TB12, you might find some reliable depth there. Mostert just got a big bump and will likely be an every week RB. Next year could be much better for Hunt, though hopefully they move him in season or something this year.

Just my thoughts here. Hope they help!


Thanks @octoberland. I always find your insight very helpful.

So I needed up doing something a little different. I had a previous offer of the 1.10 and 2.02 for my 1.06 that I have set as 1st priority. My trade partner and I have agreed on that trade if the player my trade partner wants falls to 1.06.

If that player does not drop, I have agreed to terms with the Kittle owner to follow thru with that trade. I didn’t read your reply in time lol. I could message him back and try to work out the Higbee deal instead.

I was thinking about the Higbee deal and I kinda like Dede Westbrook as a future prospect. The Jaguars have a pretty high shot at getting Trevor Lawrence next year lol. Even tho Chark is the #1 guy, they don’t have a run game if they trade Fournette.

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Update on the Tyler Higbee trade

Team owner is no longer pursuing the trade involving Tyler Higbee. I am going to accept the Kittle trade if my trade involving me giving up my 1.06 for the 1.10 and 2.02 falls thru.

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I think I’d prefer Kittle to either the 1.06(unless one of the big 5 RB’s falls there) or the 1.10 + 2.02


I know you have an agreement in place, but if you are not keeping the 1.06 no matter what, I would absolutely take the Kittle trade and tell the 1.10 & 2.02 you just like the Kittle side better. IMHO, the move back is really not worth it. I do see that you can ‘split the baby’ and get much need help for your RB/WR, but I think the impact is likely not as much as Kittle on his own brings.

I would not let whatever verbal agreement hold me back. Just explain and move on. Do definitely let them know first since that is a courtesy. But this is about you getting your team better, not making sure someone else gets their deal. If nothing has been processed, nothing is done. IMHO just move on Kittle and don’t stress what happens in the draft.

Just my two cents, but that is what I would do in your position.


Should I do either of these?

I give up

  • 1.10
  • 2.02
  • 4.03

I receive

  • Kittle


I give up

  • 1.10

I receive

  • Higbee
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You have many moving parts over there :wink:

I love the Kittle side. I believe you still have the 1.06 which lets you add a strong rookie WR/RB depending on who is there and you rocket up the board at TE with a guy who should be a stud for years at a notoriously tough position to fill year over year. It stings to lose two good picks (1.10 + 2.02) but no way are you getting Kittle level value out of those. If nothing else, you now have Kittle to try and move if you want. In season would be when I try as people are too steeped in Rookie Fever to give you a good value for him.

I like Higbee and what that does with keeping your 2.02, but IMHO that is in no way comparable to landing Kittle. I would have moved him for your 1.06, so at this point he is even cheaper for you to get!

Trade partner also backed out of trading Kittle cuz he got another offer he liked better lol

Here are my results of the rookie draft. I traded the 1.06 for the 1.10 and 2.02. I also traded Drew Lock and my 2.11 for Teddy Bridgewater, the 2.08, and the 3.05. Here are the picks I made:

1.10 - Jalen Reagor
2.02 - Denzel Mims
2.08 - Chase Claypool
3.05 - Joshua Kelley
3.08 - Donovan Peoples-Jones
3.12 - James Robinson
4.01 - Thaddeus Moss
4.03 - K.J. Hamler

I was pretty happy with how I drafted. The RBs went like crazy and there were never any available I liked at my picks and nobody would trade them and I couldn’t trade up.

I was happy to get Reagor at 1.10. It was a strange draft. The first 6 picks were all RBs with the last one being Vaughn. Jeudy was selected right before me at 1.09. I was planning on getting Ruggs cuz he was projected to be the best available in my research. I’m not high on Ruggs and really didn’t want to draft him so I’m glad I got Reagor.

I was so glad to see Mims at 2.02. He is one of my favorite prospects in this draft and I think he has a lot of potential even if he’s on the Jets.

I could’ve picked Tua at 2.08, but I like Claypool a lot and I figured it would be better to get depth at those positions more. And Claypool doesn’t have as much of an injury history.

Kelley I was happy to get at 3.05 cuz I have Ekeler and Kelley could turn out to be his handcuff.

DPJ athletically I thought was one of the more underrated WRs in the draft. I think I made a good value pick of him at 3.08 even tho the Browns offense is pretty loaded with weapons. He should get some work and he should grow in the future.

James Robinson at 3.12 was just a “I desperately need RB depth” pick. He was among the top available. I remembered researching him this past offseason and he seemed pretty good at Illinois State even tho they didn’t play anyone. He’s got a shot at playing time as an undrafted FA in Jacksonville with Fournette on the trade block and there’s not much depth behind him. Ryquell Armstead will most likely get a majority of the workload, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Robinson get some work. JR isn’t even guaranteed a roster spot tho so we will see how that goes.

Thaddeus Moss at 4.01 was just a flyer to see if he’d do anything. Washington has no other TEs I don’t think so he could get a chance at a good workload.

K.J. Hamler at 4.03 I thought was a good pick. He was drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL draft. Denver’s got tons of weapons know so who knows how much work Hamler gets, but I thought he was worth the pick here.

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Without going into every pick, I think you did really well. I would have liked an earlier RB, but as you noted you can only draft who is available. Interesting that so many went so fast in your draft. That said, Reagor and Mims are huge gets. They were in my top 3 behind only Lamb. No argument from me on those picks, and DPJ is a top sleeper for me. Claypool is a steal and might even slip into TE depending on his usage. I think Kelley will be much more that folks think. He is one I hope to sneak in the 3rd, so I think you crushed it. While they might not all work out they never do I think you brought some excellent depth to your roster and very likely starter caliber in a FLEX this season.

If I were you, I’d be very happy with the rookie draft.

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Thanks, @octoberland!

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yes steve you should take that trade