I was offered Gordon and Fitzgerald for Kamara? Should I accept?

Should I do this?

That is genuinely a hard call for me. In a vacuum, give me Gordon. I think he’s the better player with the bigger guaranteed workload. However, Kamara has a juicy playoff schedule while Gordon’s is pretty rough.

Some would say that Fitz is worthless after Palmer went down. Even if thats the case a straight Gordon for Kamara trade is one i’d accept. With Fitz looking like Stanton’s favorite target might be a sneaky good addition to your WR. Kamara may get great points but he is not the only back in NO.

This is tough. I’m on the Kamara Bandwagon so I think he’s only going to get better and better. They use him in so many different ways and he can score on the ground or air.

Imo if you think you’re making the playoffs don’t do it. Just imagine if Ingram goes down. Kamara could be a legit top 5 back.

For next season get Kamara, he’s going to be lights out

Thanks for all of the responses. I am currently in first place at 6-3 and leading the league in points scored by a little over 100. The other tough piece is that this is a keeper league and I would be able to keep Kamara in the 8th next year, but I would not be able to keep Gordon because he was drafted in the first this year.

That changes my answer then… I would keep Kamara. He’s a steal in the 8th round next year.


Definitely keep Kamara

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