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I was offered Gurley for McCaffrey. Thoughts? PPR


Thanks for your thoughts guys.


I would. Although Gurley produced I think that’s a product of the Colts D more than he’s a good RB. McCaffery seems to have upside to me.


Thanks for the advice


For me this comes down to schedule … Both these guys are pretty even but McCafrey has a way easier schedule… I just worry that J-Stew and Cam might vulture the Goal line touches


I agree with dingus, except for the worry. I have zero worry about him getting those goal like TDs. Because my evaluation of him never included that. He is a 20 touch a game guy, where half of those cpuld very well be receptions.


I don’t think these guys are even. I am simply not that impressed with McCaffrey. I am not impressed with Gurley either, but Gurlieman is in an ideal situation. Questionable QB, strong defense, and he catches passes.

I don’t think this is close.


Plus who is stealing touches from Gurley? he’s the guy there


2 yards per carry


Great point Dingus. Was thinking the same thing, but you beat me to it. LOL


@Dingus @llc, McCaffrey averaged 1.3 YPC…guess what Gurley did! Hint = 5.5 YPC and he caught 12 more passes.


boy was i wrong


Take the Gurl…ey…and run!


I’d say take that trade all day. Gurley is in a run-first offense and catches passes. #stayintheflames

McCaffery isn’t even the first string RB on his team.