I was offered James Conner and Le’Veon Bell for Ezekiel Elliott

1/2 PPR and we have an IR slot. Am I crazy for considering accepting this?

You are not crazy. You can put bell in IR slot?

Dallas looks incredibly bad. I trust steelers to put up more points than Dallas. That OC is horrible, WRs are bad, Oline is bad, Dak is bad. Everyone is really really bad.

That’s a very fair offer.

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Yeah the plan would be to put him in my IR. It’s a super even trade I just think I’m overthinking it because of how even it is

Having both Conner and Bell is basically buying the steelers backfield. As of right now, I’d rather have steelers backfield than dallas backfield. Cowboys look like absolute trash. Might be worst team in their entire division. I have zero faith in that coaching staff to call the right plays for Zeke to eat as much as COnner/Bell.

I’m not quite as bleak on Zeke despite all the things said about the offense being true. But still, Conner and Bell for Zeke is a go for me. Conner should be solid enough to start every week with upside and if even if Bell waits until week 10 to come back, you have a top back coming in for the playoffs. The Steeler’s offense is great and that should put the RB’s in a position to score plenty. More chances than Zeke will get with his offense anyway. I definitely accept this trade.