I was offered Jordy Nelson for Hyde - Thoughts?

I was offered Jordy Nelson and Sterling Shepard for Hyde and Pryor

Quick break down:
I’m in a standard 10 player PPR ESPEN Fantasy league. I’m in 9th position but after starting out 0-4 I’m now 2-4 and my roster is looking good after some decent pickups and a couple trades.
IMO I’m strong on RB and weak on WR


M. Lee (JAX)
John Brown (ARI)
Jones Jr. (DET) -
Fuller V.
Kupp (LAR)



I just traded AP for Jones Jr. which I feel very good about. But I’m struggling with this trade. I’m set at RB and need WR but Jordy without Rodgers has me worried

Thanks all

You definitely need a little more WR depth. And while J. Nelson’s value goes down without Rodgers, he is still the best receiver on a passing team. I think they will find ways to get him the ball.

And your RB crew should be good enough to sustain without the hit-or-miss Hyde. The only problem being that is Elliott gets suspended at any point you will be left very thin at RB.

Things to consider.

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Standings break down like this

1-4) all tied at 4-2
5-7) all tied at 3-3
8-9) 2-4 (I’m here)
10) 1-5

I’m thinking I need some luck to go my way to make the playoffs but I’m not very experienced with FF but imo I’m pretty much out of the playoff hunt.

So I’m banking on Zeke playing. If there was no Zeke suspension you would do it? Is Kamara a good replacement for Hyde’s spot in RB rotation?

I like Kamara more in PPR leagues than I do in standard. But like you said, you are in need of some luck so maybe throw caution to the wind here. Perhaps Hundley and Nelson get a good chemistry going.

Thanks TLP

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Go for it and Cross your fingers that Jordy stays healthy and Zeke doesn’t get suspended and pull the trigger (unless you can get a better receiver than Jordy somewhere). Hyde’s schedule get tougher after this week and with his injury history (and the way playing time decisions have gone with the Niners) he could worthless this week, none to less, the weeks beyond. I think McKinnon and Kamari can be a decent rb2 the rest of the way

Yep, I ended up approving it last night.

My thinking was exactly in line of what you just wrote. I’m 2-4 and basically need to win out to make the playoffs. So everything kind of needs to line up as in Jordy still producing and Zeke not being suspended.

As for the schedules, Green Bay has some pretty nice matchups for Jordy to produce same with McKinnon and the Vikings and Kamara and the Saints. I was very weak at WR and now I’m set
I’m not deep anymore at RB but I’m still strong.

I feel pretty good about it now considering everything.

I’ve been pretty fortunate finding gems off the waiver-wire before other players did.

Thanks guys