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I was offered


C. Hyde & T. Hilton for T. Ginn Jr & T. Gurley

My other RBs include

Ty montgomery
Dalvin Cook
Mark Ingram
Doug Martin


Who are your WRs and what are the starting roster reqs


I wouldn’t take it, it looks like the other team is WR light and trying to capitalize on the absence of Luck. I don’t see that you team will improve long term from this.


Two WRs
Two RBs
One Flex

Current WRs are:

Kelvin Benj.
P. Garcon
C. Kupp
T. Ginn, Jr.


At first I was going to say no but the more I look at it the more difficult a decision it is for me.

You downgrade at talent from Gurley to Hyde and keep in mind Hyde had way tougher matchups in week 1/2 with CAR/SEA compared to Gurley’s IND/WAS. Both players have tough rest of season schedules so it will be interesting how the Rams do against a good team particularly with a strong front 7.

You have depth at the position with Cook and Martin, who both have question marks (Bradford’s health and Martin’s absence) but have shown their talent.

Ultimately this trade comes down to whether or not you think Hilton is a WR1 with Luck in the game. Listening to the Ballers, lets assume Luck comes back in Week 6 due to him not being placed on the PUP. Can you afford some early season weakness in your roster until Luck’s potential return? Without Luck he’s a low WR2 in my opinion, but if we look at your 2 roster outcomes with the assumption that Hilton is back to WR1 status with Luck, I think I would rather have Roster #2. You have a few options at Flex which you can also sub Hyde with during bad matchups, but that also depends on your outlook for Martin/Cook.

Roster 1
(WR) Kelvin
(RB) Montgomery
(RB) Gurley
(Flex) Cook/Martin

Roster 2
(WR) Hilton
(RB) Montgomery
(RB) Hyde
(Flex) Cook/Martin/Kelvin