I will pay half your 2018 buy-in to take this team (non-Keeper league)

Hey, everyone!

We have a team we need someone to take over, and only the BRAVEST and BOLDEST should consider! The league is normally an $80 buy-in, but I will pay $40 of that in 2018 for whomever takes this team.

It is NOT a keeper league, so you’re not inheriting bad keepers – only a not-so-great draft situation (see below).

This team isn’t “missing” any draft picks, but they did trade a couple picks last season. Last season was our first season, and we learned from our mistakes: we are now required to pay for the following season if we wish to trade draft picks (seems like a no-brainer now). Anyway, here are the available draft picks for this team:

Round 1 = 1
Round 2 = 1
Round 3 = 0
Round 4 = 0
Round 5 = 1
Round 6 = 1
Round 7 = 2
Round 8 = 2
Round 9 = 1
Round 10 = 1
Round 11 = 1
Round 12 = 1
Round 13 = 1
Round 14 = 1
Round 15 = 1

Some basic league info: 12-team league, non-PPR, 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1DST/1K. FAAB = $100 (with $0 bids allowed).

The draft is Saturday, September 1 @ 3:30 EST. Let me know if you’re interested. We have a REALLY great group of guys/players – last year we had a great amount of trades, team chat activity, and so forth. I don’t foresee this issue happening again in the future!

All the best,

15 views, 0 responses. Off to a great (and predictable) start! :slight_smile:

is the draft order set?

i could be interested . what system you guys use?

I’m plenty interested in taking this team. I have always found success on late round upside, waivers and trades, there’s still a first/ second picks so elite talent is still an option. Shoot me message if this team is still up for grabs.