I win and I’m in, start/sit

I’m torn over starting Cousins or Goff? I would start Cousins without any hesitation BUT my opponent has Crowder. Which is kinda funny cause I have K. Allen and he has Rivers. The other start/sit is ASJ or Engram? Standard league. Any help would be greatly appreciated :pray:t2:

I would start Cousins. That way if Crowder does score, Cousins will earn points too. I love doing that. As for your TE, I don’t think you can sit Engram plus the Jets O seems to be moving more toward their WR’s.

I’d go with Cousins…Dallas without Sean Lee is a completely different defense and he’ll spread the ball around, there’s still Doctson and Davis that will most likely get involved

Thanks guys! I dropped Goff and picked up the Bears D. Good luck this week!!!

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