I'd be getting Bell and Kelce

12 Team .5 PPR
I’d be receiving Bell, Kelce, Thielen, and Desean Jackson. I’d be sending out Melv Gordon, Keenan Allen, Devante Parker, and Andrew Luck.

My roster pre-trade: QB: Big Ben, Luck
RB: Freeman, Gordon, Gilly, Buck Allen, Powell
WR: Keenan, Alshon, Parker, Ginn, Kendall Wright, Fuller, Josh Gordon(lol)
TE: Fleener

This crushes my receiver depth, but nets me Bell and Kelce. Kinda thunderstruck at all the moving parts but I’m leaning towards taking it and playing the wire for WRs. Thoughts?

I’d do it. You’re upgrading at RB and TE and personally, I’d rather have Thielen than Parker.

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I think I would pull the trigger as well.